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Assistant Pastor and Evangelist Mary Ella Jackson Pearson

Evangelist Mary Ella Jackson Pearson was born in Talladega, AL on March 17, 1980, to the parents of Joseph and
Maxine Lucas Jackson. She is the baby and only girl of two older brothers, Telly and Richard Jackson.

During her childhood, she was faced with many obstacles, but never once did she allow those obstacles stand in
her way of becoming who she is today. She excelled in academics in school in hopes of one day becoming
Valedictorian of her Senior class at Talladega County Central High School, Talladega, AL. She accomplished this
goal and was able to attend college on a Presidential Scholarship at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL. Even in
excelling in academics in high school, her life was not complete, because she was lacking the salvation of Jesus

Before leaving for college, she had the opportunity to attend church with her mother one Sunday. She was really
encouraged by  the word of God that she heard and decided to start going to church every Sunday.  Immediately,
God began to speak to her through the word of God about receiving salvation and giving up all of her sins. She
decided that salvation is what she wanted and needed to obtain eternal peace, love, joy and a new life, which
she was now feeling since she had been attending church with her mom. One day a youth prayer line was called
by her former pastor, Apostle Dr. Margaret McDill and she decided to go and get prayer in hopes of receiving
salvation and being filled with the Holy-Ghost. Yes, indeed, in the year of 1998 at the age of 18, before starting
college, she received the salvation of Jesus Christ and was delivered from her sins and was filled with the Holy-
Ghost and Fire! Also, on that day she officially became a member of the Miracle Prayer House Cathedral (M.P.H.
C.), Incorporated of  Anniston, AL under the leadership of Apostle Margaret McDill.

Since this great experience, she has been on fire for God wanting to help other people come to Christ, especially
the youth. Humbly, she has allowed God to use her in ministering the word of God in different arenas. In the past,
she has held bible studies while attending Tuskegee University and while interning as a research student at the
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. She finished college in May 2002 earning the Bachelor of
Science degree from Tuskegee University.  
Also, during her four years at Tuskegee University, she was recognized for several honors. She was the Tuskegee
University Freshman Business Student of the Year in 2001, Honor Roll Scholar 1998-2002, a Research Scholar, and
she graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors. Also, Evangelist Mary had the opportunity to follow her passion
after the confirmation of her calling through serving with YWCA AmeriCorps for two years working with the
Children In Crisis Program. She went on to obtain her Master of Science degree in Collaborative Education, where
she is certified in K-12 grades, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL. She is a teacher in the Talladega
County School System.

Too, she has had the opportunity to minister the word of God on a local Gospel radio stations - WNUZ 1230 AM,
WFEB Sylcauga and at numerous Christian services and events and in the Prison. As a former member of Miracle
Prayer House Cathedral, she served as mistress of ceremony on numerous occasions and has served as a M.P.H.
C. Sunday school teacher at her church. She was a member of the M.P.H.C. Church choir and has served as a
praise devotional leader. Other church membership offices she has held include:  Nurse’s Guild, The President of
the M.P.H.C. Evangelist Board and a member of the Young People Department. In the past, she has loved working
with the youth in directing Christmas and Easter plays at her church, as well.  Evangelist Mary Ella Jackson
Pearson is truly an inspiration, especially to the youth of today, and motivates the youth and others by speaking
to their hearts - the love of God!

She was blessed and wedded in  Holy-Matrimony to her husband, Apostle Miller James Pearson Jr., on September
27, 2003. Together, they are the founders of Heavenly Grace Gospel Word Network, a non-profit organization that
reaches millions of people worldwide to help them to know and learn Jesus Christ by spreading the word of God
via the Roku Streaming Player, the Internet, Facebook Live, Christian Worldwide Media, YouTube and other
television and media platforms.

She enjoys and loves giving back to her community by tutoring the youth of all ages in math, reading/language,
science, history and other subject areas for free. Formerly, she worked for a company where she oversaw
international students from China as they matriculated into the American culture and the American education

She is now serving as the Assistant Pastor assisting her husband, Apostle Miller James Pearson Jr. who is her
Pastor and the Founder of Heavenly Grace Gospel Word Network, Inc. in Talladega, AL. Also, she will always
thank God for her spiritual mother, Apostle Dr. Margaret McDill, who has taught her how to be a woman of God
and a virtuous woman of faith and love!

Now, New Gospel Recording Artist and Song Writer, Mary Ella Jackson Pearson strongly believes, "I can do all
things through Christ who strengthens me!" - Philippians 4:13. And this is shown through her new release of
Miracles, Signs and Wonders Music Project!!!